About us

Learn With Music is an early childhood music education company designed to unleash the musical potential of young children and help them to learn in a funway a second language - English.

Learn With Music brings for the first time in Romania – the Internationally acclaimed, award winning materials- (downloadable CDs and songbooks) The Music Class Inc®, with two special progams: Music Tooddlers® and Music Preschool®. The materials are designed to stimulate young minds. They include a wide variety of musical scales, rhythms, instruments and styles and are the best way for the young ones to learn English - through music!

The most critical time in a child's development is from birth through age seven. Learn with Music program is specifically designed to engage children of these ages, so they can develop a strong musical ability in the future and learn English at the same time.

Learn with Music offers you the award winning,internationally recognized The Music Class® programs:
 Music class for:

- Music class for Babies (4 months - 15 months)

- Music class for Toddlers (1 year - 3 years)

- Music class for Pre-schoolers (4 years - 6 years)

Children are natural musicians, and exposure to music during the early years enhances the learning process by promoting language development, creativity, coordination, and social interaction. Caregivers can play an important role in incorporating music and movement into a child's life.

It isn't necessary to play an instrument well or sing in tune to help young children appreciate musical sounds, and they should not be encumbered with the need to meet performance goals. In fact, music play (whether recorded or live) can be an enjoyable,appropriate activity regardless of musical aptitude.


  • music Classes for families in English (in a special studio with 10 families/ class and mixed age for children)
  • music Program in English for Preschools and Learning Centers (at the preschool space).
  • educational CDs & SongBooks, all in English: with link to downloadThe Music Class Inc® materials
  • special music instruments to play along
  • well-prepared teachers in both English and music
  • private lesson for a group of 4 children at your house
  • Fun Birthday Party for your child at your location (1½ hours of dance, music and play with all the instruments).

In music learning, early exposure to a wide variety of musical sounds is equally important.Exposure to variations in tonality, rhythm and style create a familiarity with important musical idioms and a readiness to learn different kinds of music later. The Music Class® recordings include music of variousstyles, including jazz, classical, and ethnic music from around the world. Additionally, songs in a multitude of scale and rhythm types are included to help your child obtain a sophisticated musical vocabulary. 

Informal instruction. Children participate as they choose and do so at their own developmental level. We stimulate Learning through Play. That is the best way to learn!

Learn With Music is the best place for that! Here we sing songs and do different activities, play with different instruments and all this time we speak just in English!

In our English classes, we immerse children in the language — each class includes story time, songs and games all in English! You will be amazed how quickly your child will absorb a new language and how much it will improve confidence and self-esteem to have this unique skill. We will also offer great ways to bring the language home so that you can include it in your everyday routine.

What’s even more important, parents will participate to the music classes along with their children. At this young age, kids see the parents as their role-models, and will imitate their behaviour.

Are you ready to sing, dance, silly-walk, shake, beat drums, call and respond, clap, tap, laugh, skip, jump and pretend as your child falls in love with music? Children will learn and develop their sense of melody, movement, rhythm and rhyme as they become inspired musicians. All the songs are in English!