How it works

Research shows music helps children become better learners, and that even a newborn emotionally responds to music. Research also shows that there is a link between mathematical abilities in students and their musical awareness. The fun, energetic Learn with Music program is the perfect way to start a child's lifelong educational career and learn a new language- Englishin a fun way!

The most important learning years are from 0 - 6, as the brain forms vital connections. When we are born, we have billions of brain cells. The minute we start receiving stimuli, such as the light our eyes see, the sounds we hear, and what we touch, the brain begins to form connections. It's like we are building this massive highway system to the brain and it's by this highway that the information we learn travels quickly. The stronger and wider we can make those connections between the ages of 0 - 6, the larger the platform for our capacity for learning.

Early exposure to music and a new language -English, cultivates many skills that will continue to be useful to your children throughout their lives. The following are some of the skills that early exposure to music helps develop:

  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Relaxation
  • Creativity/ Self Expression
  • Self-Confidence
  • Learning, memory, reasoning ability.

The music class meets once a week, during aprox. 45 minutes, in a journey of 10 weeks. Each family will receive a a download link with the materials used at class: CD (with the songs from the collection to be learned) and PDF-Book (which includes the song’s lyrics, paper sheets and some extra information for parents) – all in English: materials from The Music Class Inc® SUA.

Instruments are carefully selected for ageappropriateness for young children.They include bells, egg shakers, drums, resonating wood bells, triangles and rhythm sticks.

Parents will participate to the music classes along with their children. At this young age, kids see the parents as their role-models, and will imitate their behaviour.