The most critical time in a child's development is from birth through age seven. Learn with Music is a program designed to engage children of these ages, so they can develop a strong musical ability in the future and learn English atthe same time.

Learn With Music brings for the first time in Romania - Internationally acclaimed, award winning materials- CDs (with the songs from the collection to be learned) and Songbooks (which include the song’s lyrics, paper sheets and some extrainformation for parents) from The Music Class Inc®, USA. The materials are designed to stimulate young minds. They include a wide variety of musical scales, rhythms, instruments and styles and are the best way for the young ones to learn English - through Music!

Children respond favorably to music that is familiar. Playing a recorded song several times as background music can boost familiarity and build vocabulary as the lyrics are learned. Inventing new verses for familiar songs and spontaneous singing as they play can help children understand that music is a form of creative expression.

Instruments are carefully selected for age-appropriateness for young children. They include bells, egg shakers, drums, resonatingwood bells, triangles and rhythm sticks.

Musical instruments fascinate young children. Infants should be encouraged to make their own music by experimenting with rattles and bells. Drums, xylophones, and shakers can be enjoyed as children grow older and develop better motor skills. Instruments can also be created by using blocks, spoons, pots and pans, empty margarine tubs, and coffee cans.

Join now the Learn With English classes! Here we sing songs and do different activities, play with different instruments and all this time we speak just in English!