Birthday Party

1½ hours of dance, music and play with all the instruments - 1 hour: music class - Learn With Music andother 30 minutes full of different activities (including special materials like parachute, balls, etc.).

Having Learn with Music at your child’s birthday party is unique and exciting. We are experts when it comes to including a fabulous fun-filled birthday party activity at your child’s party. We provide one hour of structured, interactive musical activities. These incorporate creative movement, dancing, singing, role-play and lots of hands on instrument exploration. We bring shakers, bells, drums, scarves, balls, coop-band and puppets to the party and make sure that your child and their friends have the time of their lives.

We come to your home or location and bring, everything we need. All you need to do is provide a room clear of toys and food, in which parents and children can move about relatively freely. The space must have an electrical outlet (for the CD player we bring along), and be large enough for all in attendance to sit or stand in a circle.

We suggest that you begin the party with us. It is best if food, toys, and gifts come out after we leave. We recommend having no more than 15 children. This type of party is best suited for children between 5 months and 6 years. For babies to 3 years, there must be one actively participating adult with each child.

Price and further details:

For price and to reservation please call or e-mail us!